Installation instructions

NB: you no longer need to install Java to use the Windows and Mac versions of BootCaT.

  • Portable version (Windows, Mac and Linux)

    You need Oracle Java 8 to run the program. Java might be already installed on your computer, visit this page to make sure you have it. Obviously if it's not already installed, you need to install it.

    See this page for tips on how to install Oracle Java on Ubuntu.

    Download the frontend from here. Unzip it and double-click on the icon to run it.

    If double-clicking doesn't work, try using the command line:

    cd /path/to/where/you/unzipped/the/archive
    java -jar bootcat_front.jar

    Since you're done installing, you might as well check out the tutorial to learn how to use the program

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    Updated October 30, 2019